Restoration and Refinishing

Since 1981, furniture restoration and custom finishing have been important parts of my work. In my small-volume shop every piece is important. If practical, I maintain original finishes and surfaces. If repair or refinishing is necessary, I maintain sensitivity to the original piece.

Each project begins with a careful assessment that takes into consideration your needs, the extent of damage and the merits of the furniture. After this evaluation, I prepare a written estimate. I offer:

  • Repair of damaged parts, replacement of missing parts, including moldings, turnings and carvings
  • Reconstruction and regluing of damaged and loose joinery
  • Repair of loose veneers, replacement of missing veneers
  • Replacement finishes: oils, shellac, varnish, colored and catalyzed lacquers, milk paint, and conversion varnish
  • Color matching
  • Replacement of period glass and hardware.