The Vermont Crafts Council: Founded in 1990 to promote Vermont crafts within Vermont and nationally, through education of the public and the visual arts community. It represents a broad and inspiring spectrum of Vermont artisans, including me.

The Furniture Society: Works to advance furniture making by inspiring creativity, promoting excellence, and fostering an understanding of its place in society. These guys encourage some very cutting edge work, some of which I’m not sure is actually furniture, but all of which is way cool.

The Vermont Wood Manufacturer’s Association: Supports the wood products manufacturing industry in Vermont and promotes its longterm viability. The website highlights the industry’s fascinating diversity.

The Essential Buyer’s Guide: Gives consumers an easy access to a wide range Vermont-made wood products.

The Guild Of Vermont Furnituremakers: An association of thirty master-level Vermont furniture makers, including yours truly. Demonstrates some of the best work being done in Vermont.

Lathrop’s Lumber: A family-owned lumber yard in Bristol, Vermont, featuring sustainably harvested Vermont hard and soft woods. Tom Lathrop is a fifth-generation Vermont lumberman.

Alderfer Lumber Company: Owned and operated by the Alderfer brothers in central Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s premier hardwood forests. The Alderfers offer a wide variety of highquality furniture woods from these forests and beyond.

Irion Lumber Company: In the constellation of specialty lumber yards, Lou Irion’s is one of the brightest. Offers unexcelled service and carefully matched sets of traditional furniture hardwoods.

R.K. Miles, Inc.: There is no better lumberyard for building materials, millwork, hardware, and tools, period. Unlike the big box guys, the service is great, with lots of actual humans to answer questions and give you a hand. Third-generation familyowned.

Certainly Wood: Carries an astonishing quantity of beautiful and unusual veneers. All their magnificent offerings are inventoried on their website, which is an invaluable tool to learn about the richness and diversity of wood species.

Lee Valley Tools: If I could choose only one place to buy my tools, this would be it: they know what craftspeople actually use and need. Beautiful, well-designed, thoughtfully engineered tools and supplies from around the world.

Dorset The official chamber of commerce website of my home town. Everything you need to know about Dorset, including my personal favorite, “Bird Notes”.

Manchester, VT Chamber of Commerce: When Dorsetites long for big-city thrills, we decamp to Manchester, population 5,500. This site features a comprehensive listing of events and businesses throughout southwest Vermont. This business exists and thrives at least in part because I don’t work in it. These are good people (I know, I’m related): you can trust them with your car business. Thirdgeneration family-owned and operated.

Styer and Associates: A gifted and professional interior design and construction firm from suburban Philadelphia. I’ve worked with them on numerous projects, and they’ve always made me look good. These are the folks who brought you this beautiful website. Thorough and talented, they are a pleasure to deal with, and a real boon to the marketing-impaired.