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A week in the Davidson College infirmary produced an epiphany that saved me from a life in my family's car business and saved my family's car business from a life with me. After switching majors from economics to English, I graduated in 1978 and spent a year building wooden boats on Cape Cod, a year building farmworker housing in California's central valley, and a year working for a furniture maker in Oakland. In 1981 I moved to Vermont and built post and beam houses for a short time before opening my own furniture making shop. I wanted to build fine custom furniture. Being young and ignorant ("so stupid you don't know you're stupid," my grandfather said), it took me a few years to get on track, but I built my first decent piece of custom furniture in 1985. I think the work's been pretty solid since.

Selected Publications
2009 500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style, Lark Books
2008 102 Contemporary Furniture Designs, Taunton Press
2008 Fine Woodworking Magazine, August
2005 Boston Globe, 26 January
2003 Custom Woodworking Business, July
2000 American Style Magazine, Fall
1996 Vermont Magazine, March/April
1995 The Veneering Book, Taunton Press
1994 Boston Globe, 27 March
1992 Vermont Magazine, July/August
1991 Creative Designs in Furniture, Kraus Sikes
1991 Design Times, November/December
1987-1996 Fine Woodworking Design Books, IV -VII, Taunton Press

Selected Shows
2010 The State of Craft, Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT
2003 The Exquisite Pillow, traveling Frog Hollow show
2000 Solo Show, Frog Hollow at the Equinox
2000 The Art of Craft, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
1996 Solo Show, Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT
1995 Solo Show, Elm Street Arts, Manchester, VT
1993 Intersections, Fleming Museum, University of Vermont
1991 Northeast Splendor, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston

Selected Honors
2006 Custom Woodworking Business Design Portfolio Award
2005 Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council, 1st Place, Custom Furniture
2005 Custom Woodworking Business Design Portfolio Award


"Good work leaves the world enriched and not diminished."
Scott Russell Sanders, The Force of Spirit

What do you get when you commission furniture from me? There are four things you can count on:

  1. You get me. I've been building fine custom furniture, professionally, since 1981 -- that's a long time. I've figured out what works and what doesn't. And I'm easy to collaborate with: I'm good at listening to my customers and helping them achieve what they want.
  2. You get great materials. Over the course of a long career I've developed many relationships with quality suppliers of wood, veneer, hardware, metal work -- you name it. I can get the best materials available for your project
  3. You get my design sense. I have a trained and sensitive eye; I know what works visually and what doesn't. I hope you'll agree that my work speaks for itself.
  4. You get exacting craftsmanship. I care about my work, and that care will be obvious in all aspects of your project: precise workmanship, appropriate joinery, silky finishes. My work is good and I'm proud of it.


  1. There are no prices listed on my website because I never make the exact same piece twice; all my customers want something designed and built for their special tastes and needs. Simply ask if you'd like a price on work I've built before, or estimates on work you might like built. I'm always happy to discuss pricing -- that could lead to another great collaboration!
  2. I make every piece of furniture one at a time, and I'm very particular how it's built. If you're in a hurry or on a very tight budget, I might not be able to accommodate you -- though I'm glad you visited my site. But if you appreciate the time it takes to create good work, I'd be delighted to hear your ideas and respond with possibilities.


If you're considering having me design and build something for you, this is the three-step process that describes how we'll work together:

  1. Estimate: I'll ask you to give me as much information as possible about what you're considering. You might have a set of plans from an architect or designer; an image or group of images from my website, another site, or from print media; a sketch on a napkin; or maybe just a few words, like light, dark, formal, informal, traditional, contemporary, etc. I'll consider whatever you can give me and put together an estimate for you -- for free.
  2. Design: If you decide to proceed with the work, and you don't have plans yet, I'll ask you for a design deposit of 10% of my estimate; this deposit will be included in my estimate. I'll begin making drawings for your review, which I will alter as many times as necessary until you are delighted with the design. I will also supply you with wood and finish samples, and anything else you feel you need to fully visualize the completed furniture.
  3. Formal Proposal: Once the design work is finalized, I'll draft a proposal that will describe all the aspects of the work I'm building for you. This will include a contract price, the terms of payment, and an estimated time of completion.


Don't live near Dorset? Don't worry, neither do most of my customers; I ship 90% of my work to other states, and occasionally to other countries. I use a variety of shipping companies that specialize in shipping furniture: they carefully wrap your work in blankets, and when they arrive at your home or business they'll carry it into the space where it belongs. Exactly how long the shipping will take depends on where it's headed. Furniture destined for the Northeast will typically be delivered within two or three weeks of my completion, whereas customers in the deep South or West Coast might expect delivery within six weeks of completion. When I finish your project, I'll determine the fastest way to ship to you and let you know when you can expect delivery.